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Apartment repair services on the French Riviera


ARV Design company carries out apartment, house and office renovation, coordinates with Housing Office, approves the project in the City Hall, if necessary. Quick service, reasonable prices, warranty on work.

Reconstruction — Nice, Cannes, Monaco

Reconstruction of real estate on the French Riviera is an extremely popular type of service among our customers. In addition to the classic renovation work, we are also asked to coordinate all the necessary permits in city hall, so that no supervisory authority had any complaints about the work performed.

ARV Design provides services for the renovation of apartments, houses and office premises of both luxury and more budget type. Guarantee of quality, strict compliance with deadlines, 17-year reputation at the market.

Reconstruction becomes a pleasure only when professionals take up the job.

Our company has a huge experience gained over 17 years of professional activity on the territory of Italy and France, which allows not only to fulfill all the requirements of extremely complicated French legislation without any violations, but also to optimize the entire repair process as much as possible in terms of the price component.

Why should you choose ARV Design?

Today, many companies offer their renovation services in the South of France, for example in Cannes, Nice and Monaco. But how many of them can confirm the 17-year history of work, a well-deserved reputation and the complete lack of any claims from the French supervisory authorities?

Space optimization

During the preliminary approval of future works, we initially offer our customers to maximize the space used by placing each element in the optimal zone.

It is competent zoning of premises that allows you to get really “breathing” rooms, which do not have a chaotic pile of elements and illogical layout.

The place where we eat

Every day starts with breakfast. And our main task is to make sure that the place where we have breakfast gives a positive energy charge for the whole day, which is especially important for the hostess.

Everyone has the right to live in an environment that he really likes! Renovation never causes irritation if it is done by professionals!

Making repairs on the French Riviera is not such a difficult task. Request a preliminary cost calculation in our company.

Over the 17 years of work, we have achieved that a huge number of our grateful customers recommend us to their friends and acquaintances, so we do not need to wheedle the maximum amount of money out of each customer in order to make a profit.

We’ve got a history! And it’s a good one.


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