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Landscape design services on the French Riviera


ARV Design – services for project development, coordination and implementation of landscape design in Nice, Monaco, Cannes. All autorisations and permissions.
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Landscape design

Building a beautiful house is only half the battle. Harmoniously fit it into the nature of the French Riviera, make it unique in its own way, add bright colors of the southern nature — these are the main challenges we face when creating a landscape design of the site.

Landscape design – where to begin?

First of all, you need to correlate the topography of your site and the desires that you want to implement. Often, nature itself gives the owner of the site unique opportunities for the implementation of the boldest plan for the arrangement and zoning of the territory. As a rule, the maximum costs are due to the large amount of excavation works associated with the redevelopment of the site.

If your house is located on a steep slope, this is a great chance to place both flower garden and miniature waterfalls on it.

Our services

ARV Design provides a full range of services, from the designer’s first sketch to the planting and watering of the last agreed rose bush.

Landscape design, layout and gardening

After agreeing on a project developed by our designer, we carry out a full range of works related both to excavations necessary to make a slope in the right places, and to planting all the plants that will please you for many years.

Landscape design, layout and gardening

We initially put all the necessary communications in the project to avoid excavations after the work is completed.

Our experience allows us to anticipate everything!

We coordinate all the work on your site at the city hall.

We offer our customers the most cost-optimized solution for redevelopment of the site.

Our experienced specialists, having familiarized themselves with the topography of your site, will immediately propose the most optimal solutions that will allow you to place perfectly suitable decorative elements on the territory that do not require significant financial resources.


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