Our services

Turnkey construction services for houses
on the French Riviera


We perform both general construction and finishing works. Full coordination of all design solutions and obtaining all permits during the design phase.

How to build a house?

Many consider building a house to be an extremely difficult process.
This is true, but only if you do everything yourself.

Turn to professionals and then the construction process will be pleasant and comfortable for you!

We have been building houses in Italy and France for 17 years.

Where to begin?

The most important thing at the initial stage is to decide which house you want? Our specialists can offer you an individual solution that takes into account the interests of all your family members.

Our services at the preliminary stage:

  • Pre-project works.
  • Cadastral works (if necessary).
  • Obtaining a construction permit.
  • Approval of the project in accordance with the requirements of French legislation.
  • Development of estimate documentation.
  • Approval of the work schedule.

A full range of general construction works at all stages:

  • work of the “zero” cycle;
  • laying of engineering communications;
  • foundations;
  • facade and roofing works;
  • glazing;
  • internal planning work;
  • construction and equipment of the pool

Having ordered the construction of a house in ARV Design, you will receive a “turnkey” ready-made house within the terms specified in the contract.

If necessary, we can purchase and deliver your chosen furniture, so that the first day of your stay in the new house will give you maximum pleasure due to the absence of any household inconveniences.


Some examples of our work

ARV Design —
more than just construction