Founded in 2003

Luxury construction and renovation
on the French Riviera

ARV Design was founded in 2003 in Italy. For several years, the company has been involved in various projects in northern Italy, France and Switzerland. Due to high demand, it was decided to open a representative office in Nice. A few years later, it was decided to finally leave the Italian construction market.

Multiple business associates established over the years of work on the Côte d’Azur allow us to seek help from French architects and engineers who are more suitable for each individual project.

Careful selection of employees, most of whom have passed the luxury school of renovation and construction, helps to maintain an impeccable reputation and trust of customers for many years.

A team of 150 employees, most of whom are highly qualified specialists, under the guidance of the founder, was able to surround itself with highly qualified partners complementing the company’s team to succeed in all the projects in which it participated.

The house in which we live is a place that we organize in accordance with our unique character and interests. Each of our projects is unique, as its customer. Only the quality of our services stays the same.


Company management


Aleksandr Solovjov

Mr Solovjov has more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry.

After receiving a construction education, at the age of 28 he began his career in the construction industry in Moscow.

He decided to move to Italy in 2003. For several years, he has participated in various projects in Northern Italy, southern France, and Switzerland. Created a dense network of partners with whom he keeps in touch in various fields.

In 2012, faced with the crisis in Italy and strong demand from french customers, he decided to move the company to the French Riviera.

Mr Solovjov is always personally involved in the daily management of construction sites in order to guarantee customers optimal quality control.


Vitaly Solovjov
Financial Director

After moving to Italy with his parents at the age of 11, he entered an Italian school, mastered the Italian language and integrated into society.

Educated, he began his professional career in the Italian company of his father.

To gain experience in construction, he went through all stages, from the handyman to the deputy director. Thus, having gained invaluable experience in construction.

He holds the position of Financial Director, personally engaged in business negotiations with financial institutions, partners and major suppliers.

He is fluent in Italian, Russian, French and English.

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Sarl ARV Design
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Sarl ARV Design
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