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Turnkey construction of luxury houses and villas on the French Riviera

Cannes, Nice, Saint Tropez, Monaco and other towns.

Buy or Build?

Do you dream of owning a house or villa on the French Riviera? Should your dream house correspond to all your desires externally and comfortably? Unfortunately, on the real estate market it is not always possible to find offers that correspond your expectations in terms of comfort level and value for money. In this case, a profitable solution would be to build a house or a villa according to an individual project, so you can bring all your ideas to life, taking into account all the details from the number of rooms to the appearance of the pool and the landscape design of the territory. Building a house on an individual project on the Côte d’Azur is an affair that requires certain knowledge, patience and strength. But the result is worth it. The quality of life in your own home is different from the hustle and bustle of city apartments. For example, the opportunity to go out into the garden with a cup of coffee and spend time serenely by the pool with your family. A dream that can be realized.

 The construction company ARV Design offers turnkey construction of houses and villas according to individual projects, taking into account all your wishes and possibilities. Your idea is our implementation of this idea. From design, to the delivery of a turnkey house, completely ready for living and with a well-equipped territory.

ARV Design guarantees modern, well-planned buildings. The latest technologies and the use of high quality materials allow us to construct the houses ans villas that correspond European standards. We build with high quality, taking into account all the features of the climate and relief. Even in hard-to-reach places, on the slopes of mountains, for example.

 We can implement any of your ideas.

How to decide which house or villa to build?

You should start preparing for making a decision by identifying the requirements for your future home. Mentally settle in the future house, feel it. Follow the functions of the desired comfort and appearance: number of rooms, number of storeys, availability of a terrace, pool, garage, etc. Trust us with your ideas and we will draw up a complete action plan to make your dream come true. ARV Design is a team of architects, designers, construction specialists focusing on high quality design. Our experienced specialists will help you decide, taking into account all your wishes. The result will exceed your expectations.

Stages of construction from an idea to a finished house or a turnkey villa.

How we are working?

  1. Design. Our professionals in the architecture and construction department will draw up your individual project. The architect defines such characteristics as appearance, number of storeys, layout, the construction department ensures its functionality and high-quality implementation. Features of all stages of construction, materials used are determined at the time of design.
  2. Paperwork (construction permit).
  3. Basic construction work. This stage involves the preparation of the site, the development of the soil, the construction of the foundation, the digging of a pit for the pool, the construction of the box of the villa or house, the installation of the roof, the installation of doors and windows.
  4. Laying of engineering communications (water supply, heat supply, sewerage, electricity, ventilation).
  5. Exterior decoration of a house or villa.
  6. Interior decoration (finishing of walls, floors, arrangement of rooms, custom-made furniture, interior design)
  7. Landscaping (landscape design, fence, gate)

Our company is responsible for everything that happens on the construction site and for the deadlines specified in the contract.

For many years ARV Design has been designing and constructing real estate objects in European countries. Professionalism, vast experience of our specialists and satisfied clients are our main advantage.