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Did you start renovating your appartement or your house before the COVID-19 outbreak? Do you have doubts whether you can continue or resume your renovation works? Do you want to finalize them despite the COVID-19 epidemic, but, at the same time, you want to be sure that the workers present in your place will comply with all safety rules? ARV Design is ready to provide you with some essential solutions that will let you continue your renovation works with us during the pandemic.

Respect of all barrier gestures

It is important to know that all professionals of the renovation sector are committed to following all the necessary security measures in order to be able to continue the renovation works in your place. The workers of ARV Design guarantee to all our customers that all barrier gestures will be respected during the renovation works in your property on the French Riviera. We are committed to providing our specialists with all the equipment necessary to protect the health of all parties involved. We also guarantee to check that the distance of at least one meter will be respected throughout the renovation works. Finally, we will make sure that all our workers will wear a mask and wash their hands regularly while working in your apartment or your house. ARV Design is committed to making renovation works feasible while respecting all health safety recommendations.

Remote working solutions

Despite the current pandemic and all the restrictions put in place during the COVID-19 lockdown, it is still possible to start, continue and finish your renovation works, especially due to all new technologies. ARV Design is ready to offer you various solutions that allow you to plan and monitor your renovation project in your house or apartment till the very last moment. In order to limit your trips, our workers are ready to organize video calls which can be recorded and supplemented with maps and pictures. These video calls (via WhatsApp, Zoom, etc.) can mainly be used to organize virtual visits in order to establish an invoice or to monitor the progress of works. All the specialists of the ARV Design team also undertake to carry out some of their tasks form their home (drawing up plans, calculating costs, etc.).

Impact of sanitary restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic on the cost of works The possibility of maintaining renovation works throughout France is important not only for owners of apartments and houses, but also for businesses that sell construction and renovation materials. This category of stores remains open, which allows ARV Design to make all the necessary purchases to carry out the renovation works in your place. The administration services also remain open to process any request in the context of renovation work, if necessary. Despite the risk of the extension of work deadlines and the increase in the cost of our services, ARV Design guarantees the transparency of all invoices to all its customers, as well as makes sure that all the details on the entire project are provided.

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