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Are you looking for a house of your dream? Do you want to buy a house or a villa on the French Riviera? Are you afraid of the cost and duration of the renovation works but, nevertheless, you still want to buy an old house or an old villa? You do not need to get worried because it is absolutely possible to acquire old real estate property and carry out all the necessary renovation works to get a house that is perfect for you.

What can stop you from renovating your villa or your house?

In order to carry out and fully succeed all your renovation works, you have to figure out every single detail. Whatever your project is, you should keep in mind that the cost and the duration of renovation works may vary depending on the condition of your house or your villa. You should also be ready to completely change your home, to give it a new life, modify some of its parts, to choose a new design for rooms, or to accept any other changes that may be necessary. There is no doubt that sometimes it can be difficult to predict everything in advance. For that purpose, the specialists of our renovation company ARV Design are always available to help you make your dreams come true.

Can I repair damaged tile joints?

Over time, tile joints can be damaged for different reasons. For example, they may need repairing because of temperature changes, constant presence of owners, inhabitants or guests. The degradation state of tile joints can affect many parts of a house or a villa, such as a kitchen, wet rooms or even floors. If you love the design of the tiles already installed, you can simply repair the tile joints without having to change them entirely. However, if you do find it necessary, you can consider replacing or repairing your tiles. In case of any doubt, do not hesitate to contact ARV Design for advice.

Why should I consider installing a CMV?

If you have already found a property of your dreams, but it seems that its rooms are over exposed to humidity, ARV Design is ready to offer you an effective solution. In order to fight against humidity and to improve air circulation, we recommend you installing a controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV). Due to this system, you can lower the humidity level, reduce the natural humidity emission and even improve the air quality in all parts of your future home.

Is it possible to replace a gas boiler?

A gas boiler is a very important installation which allows you to have hot water, as well as to heat all the rooms of your house or villa. Unfortunately, there are situations in which the replacement of a gas boiler becomes inevitable, for example in the event of a breakdown. This replacement is absolutely feasible and we invite you to contact the ARV Design team for more details on the replacement cost.

Is it possible to renovate your villa or your house without having to move out?

Renovation works may also be necessary when you already own a villa or a house but your place  needs repairing or refreshing. If you do not want to move out from your place of residency, you do not necessarily need to buy a new real estate property or a renovated one. In order to avoid all the difficulties linked to the process of moving, you can simply choose to stay in your place and renovate it. ARV Design remains at your disposal to support you in all your steps relating to your renovation project.

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