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Many people all over the world dream about having a beautiful house or villa on the French Riviera. However, making this dream come true involves a great investment of time, energy, and of course, money. To be able to succeed in your home construction, you have to be very cautious about all possible risks: budget overrun, delays, insufficient qualification of specialists, etc. The construction and renovation company ARV Design is ready to point out some mistakes to avoid.

Why should we pay attention to the choice of professionals?

The professionals who take care of the construction of your house or villa are the main creators of your future comfort. Whatever your project, it can only be achieved at 100% with the support of specialists and their quality work carried out on the site. Before signing any contract, do not hesitate to get informed about the qualifications and experience of your future architects, craftsmen, etc.

Why is it dangerous to build a house by yourself?

It is quite understandable if you have already imagined all the details of your perfect home on the  French Riviera or in the Alpes-Maritimes. However, ARV Design advises you to keep your patience and never start your construction works without calling on a team of building professionals. In fact, any lack of analysis or attention can prevent your future daily happiness. It could simply be high energy bills, poorly designed spaces, materials damaged too quickly, etc. You can always trust the specialists of the construction company ARV Design.

Why do you have to visit your construction site regularly?

Regular visits to your site will not only allow you to be aware of any progress of the work, but also to make all the necessary checks. For this purpose, from the very beginning of the construction works, we recommend that you set a schedule for the visits. Finally, your presence on the site will help facilitate discussions and communication throughout the construction process.

Why is it important to be well informed about your land?

The specialists of the construction company ARV Design warn you that the quality of your land may generate additional costs during the construction of your future house or villa. Given that land movements take place in the Alpes-Maritimes and on the French Riviera, it is necessary to carry out a study of your land. Also, before starting the realization of your project, it is important to call on a land surveyor to carry out a demarcation and avoid any dispute with your neighbors.