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Before embarking on the renovation works, you should remember to get prepared for that. Why is it so important? The answer to this question is quite simple. In fact, in order to make your renovation project successful, it is necessary to plan all the details of each step well in advance: planning a  provisional schedule, calculating cost estimate, obtaining permits (if necessary) and so on. It should not be forgotten neither that the location of the place to be renovated can have consequences on the list of renovation works to perform. For example, if we are in the case of the renovation of a house or a villa on the French Riviera (Antibes, Cannes, Nice, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, etc.) or in Monaco, it is likely that the local seismic risks will have to be taken into account. We remind you that the specialists of the construction and renovation company ARV Design are always available to plan your renovation works on the French Riviera and in the Alpes-Maritimes to satisfy your needs by taking into account the characteristics of your appartement, house or villa.

Preliminary study of your project

Whatever the idea of your project (upgrading works, decoration works, etc.), we advise you to think carefully about each step in order to calculate the budget for your renovation works and, above all, to find the best solutions to minimize all expenses.

Administrative procedures to be carried out

Administrative procedures are often part of renovations of a villa or a house. This concerns in particular the procedures to be carried out with the town hall, e.g. the prior declaration of renovations. Completing all the necessary steps allows you to avoid many difficulties that are likely to seriously prevent your renovation project from being carried out. The team of the construction and renovation company ARV Design is at your disposal to take care of all the administrative formalities for renovations on the French Riviera, in the Alpes-Maritimes or in Monaco.

Structural works and non-structural alterations

Structural works and non-structural alterations include all the core works which are essential for the renovation of your apartment, your house or your villa. The renovation company ARV Design collaborates with the best workers and craftsmen available on the French Riviera and in Monaco to ensure the high quality of the work. As for structural works, we carry out foundations, joinery, roofing, plasterwork, etc. As for non-structural alterations, we take care of plumbing, electricity, flooring, etc.

Finishing touches

The finishing touches allow you to get the renovations in your apartment or house totally finished. Generally speaking, finishing touches include decoration and embellishment works, such as painting, space planning, energy renovation, etc. By entrusting your project to the construction and renovation company ARV Design, you can be sure that all the necessary final touches of your renovation will be in place.

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