Pourquoi faire construire et ne pas acheter ? Par où commencer?

Your preparatory checklist for building a house or a villa

ions before you start building your house and that worries you? In fact, this is a good sign: given the consequences linked to the construction work, such a project should be taken very seriously. To avoid any negative consequences, especially those associated with financial losses, the construction company ARV Design invites you to get acquainted with a short questionnaire with comments that will help you better understand your situation.

1. Your land: what are its characteristics?

Despite the fact that the characteristics of your land seem important only during the preparatory phase of the construction site, its shortcomings can still prevent you from carrying your construction to completion. Before taking any steps relating to construction, do not hesitate to ask yourself questions relating to your land … Is my lot serviced? If not, how much will it cost me to make it serviced? Is the soil of my land polluted? What are the risks of collapse? This last question is especially important given the natural characteristics of the soil on the French Riviera and in Monaco.

2. Your new house or villa: what will it look like?

Have you already drawn the plans for your future home or do you only have an ideal image in your head? In any case, before starting your construction work it is extremely important to decide on all the details of your house. How will your home be exposed: South, East? What will be the surface of each room? Do you want to have one, two or three levels? How many doors and windows would you like to have and which way will they open? And even, do you wish to have a house of a particular shape?

3. Source of funding: how will your project be funded?

How much were you able to save to invest in building your new house? What is the estimated total amount for your project? Do you need a mortgage? If you need to get a mortgage for the construction of your new house or villa, do not hesitate to address your questions to several banks to find out their terms, especially the interest rates offered. Even if you are already a customer in a bank, you can always change your bank in order to benefit from more advantageous conditions for you. Why not?

4. Local taxes: what will be the estimated amount to be paid?

Is it better to know up front your local taxes payable on your new home? Yes, definitely. And should you calculate the estimated amount of taxes? Yes, if you do not want to be surprised in the future. The amount of your local taxes will include property tax and housing tax, among other taxes.

The specialists of our construction company ARV Design are always at your side to help you carry out your projects on the French Riviera, in the Alpes-Maritimes or in Monaco.