Building a new villa in the French Riviera

There are many ways to become the owner of residential real estate in France. Buying a home or villa in Nice, Cannes or Monaco on the real estate market has several advantages. The main thing is the quick buying of finished housing that satisfies most of your basic requirements.

But there is a significant drawback – it was someone’s house who once built it for himself, focusing on his own taste and needs. The former owner used the technologies and materials that existed at that time, which could lose their relevance today.

And you will either have to live with it or spend additional time and money on reconstruction and modernization. This is usually taking much time and costs more expensive than building a new house.

Building your own villa in the French Riviera from scratch is the best way to achieve the desired result. So, having found a land plot that satisfies you, you can proceed to the first stage of constructing the house of your dream.

Villa architecture plan

The first stage of building a house on the Cote d’Azur is certainly the discussion and approval of the project. At ARV Design, we treat house design and construction as building the future. After all, the future is not what we are waiting for, but what we create ourselves.

The creative process of designing a villa will turn you from a customer into a creator, changing not only your surroundings but also the future destiny.

All you need is to decide how your dream will come true. You can choose a villa project adapted to your needs and financial capabilities according to the plan of the developer. Or use the services of an architect, who will develop an original and unique project of your future home.

Building permits

At this stage of building your home in France, stability and confidence should be laid in the foundation of your future. Specialists of ARV Design will help to correctly and timely fill out an application to the City Hall and get building permits. After all, you need to consider all the features of your land, as well as its location relative to historical monuments, communications or other objects.

It is important to prepare and coordinate the villa project and additional constructions (pool, garage, etc.) in accordance with existing standards. It includes the height, area and positioning of various buildings and structures, the colour of the facade and exterior materials, the layout of access roads and even the sizes and types of plants.

At the preliminary stage, ARV Design Company provides the following services:

  • Project Predesign works.
  • Cadastral works (if necessary).
  • Obtaining permissions to build a house.
  • Coordination of the project in accordance with the requirements of French law.
  • Development of the budget.
  • Approval of the work schedule.

Guarantees provided by the French law

In France, the laws do not only regulate the design and construction of houses but also protect customers and serves as a guarantee of security. ARV Design company provides a full range of construction works – from design to completion. When concluding a contract with our company, you get all the guarantees provided by the French law of 12.19.1990:

  • An approved plan detailing the types of construction work, including installation and connection of utility networks (water, electricity, sewage, etc.).
  • An agreed construction schedule with timelines for each stage, considering fines and penalties in case the contractor does not meet the deadlines.
  • The agreed final cost of construction and related services, including taxes.
  • Conditions of possible changes in the final cost (in the case when such changes are agreed by the parties).
  • Confirmation of the contractor’s warranty obligations upon delivery of the facility, warranty work related to professional liability in the first years of operation of the facility, as well as a guarantee provided for by law for 10 years.
  • The payment schedule approved by the parties, depending on the conditions agreed by the parties.
  • Terms of termination or suspension of the contract in cases provided by law: the correctness of the execution of documents for the land plot, loan obligations, the absence or delay of a building permit, the presence of insurance contracts for reimbursement of work, etc.

Turning to the ARV Design company you will understand that the complex process of building a house becomes fascinating and creative in the hands of professionals. So, you can proceed directly to the construction of your villa.

Villa building stage

Any creative process is unlimited. When building your own villa, you begin to understand that together with a new house you get a lot of new opportunities and prospects for your creativity. Metric area, ceiling height, glazing area – everything that limited the flight of your imagination in a small city apartment is now subject to you!

The walls of the house – are not the borders of your space! Behind them is a huge scope for self-realization: a garden, landscape design, a swimming pool, a sports or children’s playground – a whole world without borders.

While our professional team is engaged in the house construction process, other specialists are at your service: interior designers and furniture suppliers will work on finishing materials, high-tech complexes and equipment for the home, landscape designers and swimming pools specialists, gardening, irrigation systems and outdoor lighting

Turnkey house construction package

As the construction of your villa is nearing completion, and the surrounding space is being transformed considering your fantasies and needs. Your future is becoming a reality.

By acquiring a full range of ARV Design services, from architect project to building a house, from developing landscape and interior design projects to implementing and supplying the necessary furniture, machinery and equipment, what you get are not only a dream of your own home comes true.

This is a unique experience in communication and works with a team of highly qualified specialists in their field who have vast experience in implementing real estate construction projects in France and Italy for more than 17 years.

If building your own villa on the Cote d’Azur is your dream – you have a future and it is in your hands. We can help you make your dream come true.