How to reduce construction costs?

If you want to build a house or a villa on the French Riviera (Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Juan-les-Pins, etc.), in the Alpes-Maritimes or in Monaco, you will necessarily need to think about your budget. Effective management of your total construction budget will be essential not only for reduction construction costs, but also for achieving a better result through good value for money. The specialists of our construction company ARV Design are convinced that any construction project can benefit from the smart reduction of construction costs. We share below some tips that you could use as inspiration when planning your construction budget. Also, do not hesitate to contact us for our advice and a free quote for your construction project.

Think of a reasonable schedule

Optimization of the construction budget can be achieved through proper planning of the construction work. Indeed, it is important to respect the established schedule but you should not be in too much of a hurry neither. When our clients’ budgets are limited at the beginning of their construction project, we advise them to postpone part of the work in order to relieve the financial burden and avoid stress. For example, works such as fitting out an attic, building a garage or installing a swimming pool are not essential and can be postponed without damaging normal life in a freshly built house or villa.

Build a multi-storey house or villa

Building a multi-storey house is less expensive than building a single-storey house for several reasons. First of all, the construction of a multi-storey house requires less land, which reduces the expenses when buying a land. Then, the construction of a multi-storey house or villa costs less, because it requires less foundations, earthworks, landscaping… Finally, when it comes to a multi-storey house or villa, the expenses on the roof and the framework are less important.

Opt for bioclimatic design

Building a bioclimatic house or villa allows you to benefit from long-term energy savings without incurring additional costs during construction. In fact, by calling on an experienced professional, you can draw up the construction plans that will help you reduce your energy bills. To become the owner of an ecological house or villa, all you have to do is take advantage of favorable climatic conditions and reduce undesirable conditions. For example, we recommend that your living room or dining room face south to take advantage of the natural light and reduce your electricity bills.

Choose an experienced company

We remind you that the experienced specialists of our construction company ARV Design are always available to help you build a house or a villa of your dreams within your budget.