Construction and structural work on the French Riviera, in the Alpes-Maritimes and in Monaco

Any new construction (a house, a villa, a building, etc.) requires the completion of several steps. In the context of construction work, it always involves carrying out major work which includes a wide variety of tasks. In fact, structural work is essential to ensure the strength and stability of any new construction and therefore constitutes a large part of the work carried out on a site. If your current or future project is to build a house, a villa or any other type of building on the French Riviera, in the Alpes-Maritimes or in Monaco, our construction and renovation company ARV Design is always at your disposal.

What works are included in the structural work?

In general, the structural work consists of building the framework of a structure in order to ensure the stability of a new construction. Structural work includes the following works:

  1. Earthworks (drainage, stripping and creation of accesses, excavations in trenches, backfilling),
  2. Foundations (superficial, semi-deep, deep),
  3. Water sanitation (collective, autonomous),
  4. Substructures (hedgehog, crawl space, basement),
  5. Elevation of walls (brick, stone, concrete),
  6. Roofs,
  7. Exterior joinery (doors, windows, shutters, frames).

Due to our skilled workers, our construction company ARV Design ensures the high quality of construction work. We take care of our clients’ projects, while guaranteeing the quality and durability of the constructions delivered. We also inform you that all our works are covered by the ten-year guarantee which obliges us to take care of any damage that occurs in the ten-year period after the works.

What is the difference between structural workand finishing work?

Carrying out a construction project from A to Z requires not only structural work but also finishing work. Generally, structural work aims to create the structure and stability of a construction (a house, a villa or other), while finishing work concerns the final touches. In case of structural work, we create structural elements that make a new building usable or habitable. However, the finishing work is more focused on fitting out a new construction. The finishing work includes the following works.

  1. Insulation (sound, thermal),
  2. Exterior coating (plaster, wood, aluminum),
  3. Interior partitions (plaster, concrete),
  4. Interior joinery (doors, frames),
  5. Electricity,
  6. Plumbing,
  7. Ventilation,
  8. Heating (wood, gas, fuel oil),
  9. Air conditioning.