Private Pool Construction on the Cote d’Azur

In this article, we will consider the main stages of the private pool construction and the features that accompany the construction of the pool on the Cote d’Azur.

Water — the source of life and energy

The summer sun, a unique comfortable climate and, of course, the proximity of the sea — life in your own house on the Cote d’Azur is distinguished by its undeniable advantage. Build your house near the water — a cherished desire of man since time immemorial. Water is a source of life and energy — the meanings of these words acquired a deeper meaning and shades.

For modern people, water is not only a natural vital necessity that can rotate a mill wheel. These are emotions and relaxation, sports and relaxation, comfort and contemplation, pragmatism and aesthetics. The scarcity of free land around natural reservoirs, especially on the seashore in the south of France, is easily compensated by the construction of a private pool. The ability to go outside of the house at any time and, having taken a step, to feel the gentle coolness of the water with one’s feet is a perfectly feasible desire.

Types of outdoor swimming pools

Outdoor swimming pools can be divided into three types:

  1. Collapsible swimming pool — all types of inexpensive inflatable and frame pools, which are dusted somewhere in the garage for 11 months a year,
  2. Ready-made — composite, fibreglass, polypropylene or sectional metal bowls, which can be bought both ready-made or made on-demand,
  3. Concrete — reliable and durable structures, which we will talk about today.

A contractor for the pool construction

So, you have a dream to build a pool and a plot of land — what is next? Here we proceed to the first stage — designing a private pool.

Once you have decided on the purpose of the pool, its shape, dimensions and location, it is time to ask the question: is it so simple — dig a hole of the required size and fill it with clean water?

One call to ARV Design can easily solve this problem. Because we do concrete pools professional design and construction in the south of France and Italy for more than 17 years.

In an ideal world, the pool should be laid down in the project when building a new villa. The indisputable advantage of this solution is full integration with the design, communications, interior, exterior and living space of the new house and the surrounding landscape.

In contrast to the construction of the pool due to the reconstruction of the territory around the existing house, the integrated approach is characterized by economic benefits and comfortable execution. But all the further stages of building a concrete swimming pool are identical.

These days a pool is no longer just a water tank, but a high-tech controlled hydraulic structure. It’s better to entrust this work to professionals.

Private Pool Design

ARV Design specialists use modern integrated construction methods and technologies in their work. At the initial stage, a preliminary study, inspection and measurement of the site planned for the pool is carried out. Then, taking into account your desires and needs, a conceptual design is developed. After that, ARV Design shall prepare and submit an application to the City Hall. According to French law for the construction of a swimming pool with an area of ​​more than 10 square meters, it is necessary to obtain a building permit.

Now our specialists can start engineering design. At this stage, a whole range of work and research will be carried out:

  • topographic survey and study of the possibility of integrating the pool with the living space of your villa and landscape;
  • soil studies at the planned site, the results of which affect the implementation of land work, as well as the arrangement of cushions under a concrete screed and the need to design drainage systems;
  • inspection and analysis of existing communal networks (water, sewage, electricity) and the possibility of their use, reconstruction and modernization for your new pool;
  • study of access ways to your site for coordination of transport and technical support for construction works;
  • development and coordination with you of the location and equipment of technical units: filtration, circulation, treatment, pool water heating, underwater and surface lighting, hydromassage systems, etc., as well as the necessary control panels;
  • development of a project for supplying and connecting utility networks;
  • engineering calculations of the concrete structure, according to the dimensions and shape of the bowl, the volume of water, the results of soil analysis;
  • design development and coordination of types and suppliers of finishing materials and additional equipment: stairs, gangways, water slides, diving boards, cover systems — all that you will need for a pleasant and useful pastime at your new own pool.

The architect project is developed by our specialists, according to all the requirements of French law.

Concrete pool construction stages

After approving of the final project, the stages of work and total price, you sign a contract with ARV Design, which contains a detailed description of the types of work, a schedule for their implementation, payment schedule, as well as the warranty obligations from our side, as stipulated by the law of 12.19.1990.

The construction of the pool is carried out in several stages:

  • preparation of the construction site for the reception of equipment and building materials,
  • excavation,
  • preparation of the pit for a concrete bowl and drainage,
  • laying of communications,
  • manufacture of formwork,
  • pouring concrete,
  • arrangement of premises for the installation of technical units and systems,
  • connection of all communications and installation of support, control and backlight systems,
  • Finishing work,
  • cleaning of the territory and landscaping,
  • delivery of the finished object to the customer.

After you accept the work, our experts will help you find a contractor for maintenance and cleaning of the swimming pool — this job is best trusted by professionals.

So, you just have to wait a bit. And while the specialists from ARV Design are building your new pool, maybe you can go to the beach, as we are on the French Riviera!

Feel free to Contact us for your new swimming pool construction project.