Renovation of apartments in cannes and its surroundings

Are you thinking of renovating your apartment or planning to buy an old one to renovate? The renovation company ARV Design is sharing with you some tips to encourage you to get your adventure started.

What can be changed during the renovation works in your apartment?

Are you considering renovating your apartment but you are not still sure what you want to do? You may not even realize all the possibilities offered by your accommodation. Above of all, renovating your apartment is a great opportunity to optimize totally or partially its interior spaces. Let’s say you own a nice apartment in Cannes with an unobstructed view but the size of its living room does not allow you to organize a beautiful dining area to eat while enjoying the view at any time of the year. In this case, the interior architects of the renovation company ARV Design are ready to investigate the potential of your apartment in order to find the best solution for you. Apart from optimizing interior spaces, renovating your apartment opens up an opportunity to give it a new face by refreshing its design. This could potentially interest you if your apartment is situated in an old building in one of the bourgeois areas of Nice or Cannes. Finally, in case of the rental investment, the renovation of your current or potential apartment may be necessary to make it more attractive and increase the amount of rental payments received by you.

What factors should be taken into account to estimate the cost of renovation works?

The specialists of our renovation company ARV Design are well aware that the total price of the renovation works in your apartment may vary depending on several criteria. These include the characteristics and potential of your home, as well as your needs and preferences. Do not forget neither that the preliminary invoice established at the very beginning of your project is likely to change during the completion of works. At ARV Design, we are committed to providing the most accurate quotes possible to all our customers. To estimate the cost of renovation, we will need to take into consideration the total surface of ​​your apartment, the number and type of rooms to renovate (bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen), location (Cannes, Nice), the year of construction of your building (electricity, plumbing), etc. In any case, even if you are not even sure about your future project, do not hesitate to contact ARV Design for more details on the approximate renovation costs.

How to manage the renovation works in your apartment?

Depending on the volume of works, managing the renovation process in your apartment may turn into a nightmare, especially if you continue to work or live abroad. This is quite realistic because your project can require choosing materials and furniture, subcontracting of the work to artisans based on the French Riviera or elsewhere, time planning and budget management, etc. To obtain a better result, despite your professional occupation, the renovation company ARV Design is always available to manage the renovation works in your apartment from A to Z.