La rénovation consiste à améliorer la qualité de votre vie.

Renovation is about improving the quality of life.

ARV Design is a construction company that provides all types of renovation work for houses, villas, apartments, offices in Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Antibes and other cities of French Riviera.

Have you been living in your house or apartment for a long time and want to update, refresh the interior? Have you bought a second home and want to remake it to your taste?  Your family has got bigger, which requires some changes in the interior? No dressing room, little storage space, do you think your home is not modern enough? If you have thought about this, most likely you have also thought about renovation.

Renovation is not only renovation of walls and floors, it includes any work that makes your home more comfortable, functional, modern.

Repair should not start spontaneously, you need to think over and prepare everything well. For the result to please you, it is very important to take into account all the details of the repair, select materials, draw up an action plan, and visualize. It is almost impossible to do this without the help of specialists.

ARV Design specialists have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of renovation and finishing works. Our specialists will draw up a clear work plan, select the necessary materials, and think over all your repairs from start to finish. The designer will help to bring all your ideas into a single picture, and our specialists will bring them to life. You can be sure that the result will exceed your expectations.

ARV Design provides services for the renovation of apartments, houses and office premises of both elite and more budget types. Our company performs all types of repair work, of any level of complexity, partial repairs and turnkey repairs.

What can a renovation include?

  • Repair and decoration of walls (painting, wallpaper, decorative plaster, decorative bricks, etc.)
  • Repair and flooring (ceramic tiles, parquet, marble, etc.)
  • Ceiling repair and cladding (suspended ceiling, stretch ceiling, classic ceiling, etc.)
  • Reinstallation of doors, windows, electrical, plumbing works.
  • Redesign and space optimization. Why to redesign or optimize? Little space, no dressing room, small kitchen, the bedroom needs to be converted into a study, etc. We will implement any of your plans to make life more comfortable and functional.

A special kind of service provided by ARV Design is the supply of Italian furniture, the quality of which exceeds generally accepted standards. We supply kitchens, doors, parquet floors and more.

 A successful renovation is a win-win option that gives new and more luxurious look to your home or office.