Apartment Interior Renovation in Nice, Cannes and Monaco

Have you bought an apartment on the Cote d’Azur?

The decision of choosing one or another apartment to buy in the French Riviera, in addition to size and cost, may depend on many reasons and your requirements. For example, a specific location and area important to you, regarding proximity to the sea, place of work, transport infrastructure, service facilities, parks and gardens.

Possibly the technical characteristics are more compelling arguments for you: fresh decoration of the apartment, modern building or, conversely, old house, ground floor or penthouse, balcony or terrace, availability of services, garden or pool, garage etc.

If all goes right — you become the lucky owner of an apartment on the Cote d’Azur. This means that your personal cornerstone has already been laid down for your future, well-being and comfort. If its task is unshakable support and reliability, then space around is supple, flexible and subject to any of your thoughts and aspirations.

After all, the good can always be improved — you just need to do a major Interior Renovation!

To renovate or not to renovate?

Buying an ideal apartment (in Nice or Monaco) where everything is harmoniously combined with your needs and desires — is a great success. But even in this case, after 10-15 years, Interior Renovation will have to be done. Finishing materials, furniture, appliances — everything has its own lifetime. Something wears out over time, something loses its relevance and attractiveness, and something just becomes boring and ceases to bring pleasure.

Overhaul of the apartment is a logical conclusion to the process of acquiring a flat on the French Riviera. And even if for the first time somewhere it’s enough just to renew the wallpapers and the plumbing system, you start to understand that only complete renovation and reconstruction will bring you complete satisfaction from the purchased flat and the pleasure of its further operation.

Major Interior Renovation is not just tile relocation, painting of walls and replacement of flooring. Cosmetic procedures are just one aspect of the complete transformation of your living space.

The main goal is to get a really (!) New apartment, so the main tasks of the overhaul are a reasonable and thoughtful redevelopment that fully meets your needs, replacing communications, finishing work using modern materials, replacing plumbing, process units and household appliances, and, of course, the fulfillment of your original interior design.

The first stage of the overhaul of the apartment

ARV Design has been providing renovation services for prestigious housing in Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Italy for over 17 years. We have gained extensive experience in the implementation of complex high-end works. During this time we have earned an excellent reputation as an interior renovation company, performing work on time and with quality that meets the most stringent requirements of not only our grateful customers but also the standards and norms of French laws.

The first thing to start an interior renovation work is a meeting with our interior designer and construction specialist in our office or right away in your apartment. They will take the necessary measurements, study the features of the bearing structures, analyse the location of communications, request the necessary construction and technical documentation from the municipal authorities.

This information will help us in the process of preliminary coordination of the project of the future interior to maximize the use of all the possibilities of optimizing and zoning the space of your apartment to achieve the perfect result. Ideally, it is the project of your new comfort interior, not only at a high professional level using advanced technologies, but also in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable price.

After your approval of the renovation project prepared by the employees of our company, taking into account all the requirements of French law, our specialists will carry out the following works:

  1. Coordinate the project with the municipal authorities and get permission for major Interior Renovation.
  2. Inform the neighbors about the schedule of Renovation works in your apartment.
  3. Agree with you about suppliers, types and brands of high-quality modern finishing materials, plumbing, electrical appliances and lighting elements, household appliances, furniture and accessories.
  4. Coordinate the schedule of work and total price.
  5. Prepare a contract in accordance with French law containing a list of types of repair and construction works, supplies of materials and equipment, schedule of work and supplies, estimated part and schedule for making payments, and, of course, our company’s warranty obligations.

Major Interior Renovation stages

If you have ever made an overhaul of the apartment (it doesn’t matter, by your own or involving professional construction company) you should know: if such works are entrusted to specialists — no problems will take place regarding quality, changes in price or work schedules, compliance with design and technological requirements.

During the overhaul works in your apartments, ARV Design will professionally carry out all stages of work:

  1. disassembling of old finishing materials and communications,
  2. removal of construction waste and delivery of construction materials,
  3. construction of new structural elements (partitions, columns, arches, openings),
  4. preparation of walls, floors and ceilings for cosmetic work (levelling, screeding),
  5. delivery of finishing materials,
  6. laying and connection of new communications (water, sewage, electrical wiring, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, communication lines),
  7. installation of windows and doors,
  8. finishing works (painting and decorating walls and ceilings, ceiling installation, laying tiles and floor coverings),
  9. delivery of furniture and appliances,
  10. installation of plumbing, household appliances, lighting, built-in furniture,
  11. cleaning and garbage removal,
  12. assembly and installation of furniture,
  13. final cleaning,
  14. delivery of the renovated apartment to the customer.

Our specialists of various profiles are taking into account an integrated approach, standards and norms, using modern technologies. This allows us to implement not only high-quality Interior Renovation but also to successfully optimize the overhaul process in terms of timing and cost.

So, if the comfort living in a prestigious apartment on the Cote d’Azur is your dream, then for its ideal implementation all the components should be in harmony. Not only the result will bring you the pleasure, but also the process of cooperation with a company of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Feel free to contact us for Interior Renovation of your apartment.